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Inn upon Moon River Plantation LLC


Coronavirus and Recovery Policy for Guests

For the safety of all guests and staff, The Inn Upon Moon River Plantation LLC reserves the right to deny accommodations to Coronavirus infected persons or those who are in close contact with infected persons.  

Social distancing will be enforced for safety and a wonderful experience and to insure that all guests’ space is honored while receiving full service.

Guest confirmation of current health condition as it relates to the Coronavirus pandemic upon reservation and check-in.

All guests are expected to use disinfected wipes or a sanitizer at the guest sign-in desk. 

Masks and gloves will be worn by all staff in cleaning and food preparation. Disinfecting products are used in cleaning all rooms.

Sanitizing wipes are available before and after partaking of meals and beverages.

Elegant and separate dining is set throughout the common spaces.

Full course home-cooked breakfast will be served by the staff.  

Polices for the Inn Upon Moon River Plantation, LLC • 119 Pinckney Street • Chester, SC 29706 • (803) 379-1683May 1, 2020